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Padjen on Systematic Interpretation and the Re-systematization of Law

Ivan L. Padjen (Faculty of Law, University of Rijeka; Faculty of Political Science, University of Zagreb) has published Systematic Interpretation and the Re-systematization of Law: The Problem, Co-requisites, a Solution, Use (International Journal for the Semiotics of Law). Here is the abstract:

A renewed search for legal certainty is a reaction to the preponderance of judge made law, which has been in turn prompted by the democratic deficit of the EU and the impact of Anglo-American law. The problem is that the search is oblivious to both systematic interpretation and the need of re-systematization of law. The paper defines systematic interpretation, relates the definition to standard French and German conceptions, indicates the room for systematic interpretation in Anglo- American laws, and states prima facie reasons for a re-systematization of law as a prerequisite of systematic interpretation. The problem cannot be appreciated outside its proper context. It is a disregard for causation and evaluation. Hence the paper outlines Aristotle’s understanding of causation and evaluation in his presentation of phronesis, reconsiders continental European legal thought in the light of Aristotle’s presentation, and offers policy-oriented jurisprudence as a remedy to the deficit of evaluation and causation in European legal thought. A solution to the problem offers a typology of criteria and clarifies positive and fundamental legal concepts, positive and fundamental criteria of systematization, and the place of criteria in knowledge of law. The usefulness of the criteria is demonstrated by a common approach to the systematization of law and an alternative diagnosis of a defect of systematization diagnosed by an authority in history and philosophy of law rather than legal theory.

Master in Global Rule of Law & Constitutional Democracy IX Edition (2019-2020)

The Call for Applications has just opened
Deadline: 3 May 2019.
The call for applications for the IX Edition of the Master in Global Rule of Law & Constitutional Democracy – Génova/Girona has just opened. This Master is a double-degree programme offered by the University of Genoa (Italy) and the University of Girona (Spain).
The deadline for applications is 3 May 2019, 12:00 hrs. (Italian time).

The IX Edition of the Master in Global Rule of Law & Constitutional Democracy (2019-2020) will start on 2nd November 2019, and end on 31 October 2020. 

The programme consists of: a) a four-week residential session in Italy; b) three on-line sessions with optional courses; and c) an individual research project. 
The teaching faculty of the Master is composed y more than 60 professors, who offer 39 courses (between residential and online courses). The courses will be held in English and/or in Spanish, so reading and oral comprehension of both languages is necessary.
You can find all the information concerning the programme’s structure, courses, funding, and how to apply both in our website (in Englishand in the official call for applications (in Italian).
Should you have any question, do not hesitate to write us at

Dean’s Award 2018/2019


Svan Relac earned the Dean’s Award 2018/2019 for presenting the paper “Argumentum a contrario and implicatures in law“ at the 13th annual conference of the Central and Eastern European Network of Jurisprudence, held at the Zagreb Faculty of Law, September 13-14,  2018.